The Concert Choir

Concert Choir 2019-20

The Concert Choir is open to all students who enjoy singing and desire to participate in a quality singing group. There is a strong emphasis on vocal training, production, phrasing, and diction with special work devoted to extending the vocal range of the singers. Basic music theory is included to aid in the improvement of sight-reading. Both performance and written tests are part of the curriculum. Memorization of performance music and consistent attendance is required.

Music is  drawn from our global heritage, including, but not limited to, the following musical cultures: African, Asian, Eastern and Western European, Indian, Middle Eastern, Latin American, and North American. The chosen music is sung in the language of each culture. As a result of having discussed, studied, and performed the above, students will have a greater appreciation of cultural similarities and differences plus an increased awareness of the many contributions which enhance our lives.

There will be several performance opportunities for all: concerts, choir tours, music revues, district/area festivals, Baccalaureate, alumni, solo/ensemble, and feeder school concerts. There will also be opportunities for individuals to audition for other ensembles and participate in All-State Honor Choir and National Honor Choirs. This course is available for Career Technical Education credit to students in grades 11-12 with teacher approval. This is a UC approved course.