The Henry M. Gunn High School Choral Music Program

The Gunn Choir Tour Scholarship Fund ( 2019-2020 )

The Gunn Choir is raising money for our choir trip to New York City in May 2020. This fundraiser makes it possible for every singer to go on the tour, and we are asking for your help to make it happen.

Who We Are

The Gunn High School Choir is 125 students from Palo Alto, CA. Singing in an ensemble is a transformative experience for these young adults, giving them a purpose and a community.  

We enable every student to join our singing tour, regardless of their families’ ability to pay the full cost.  The highlight of this year’s tour to New York City will be our performances at the Riverside Church, where we will perform along with choirs from around the country.  

Our Need

Despite perceptions, there are students in real need at Gunn High School.  We are raising $28,000 this year to support 20 teen singers who need financial assistance to make the trip to New York City.  The Choir will raise $8,000 selling tickets to our Gunn Choir/Staff Musical in the February and by singing at Senior Centers, Kiwanis, Rotary Clubs over the holidays.  Every member of the choir is behind this Indiegogo campaign to raise an additional $20,000 to ensure that no singer is left behind. Even so, we cannot reach our goal without your help.

We are asking choir supporters to donate generously to make the tour possible for every student by supporting our online campaign goal of  $20,000. Every member of the choir is helping to raise these funds to ensure that no singer is left behind.

Donors are listed in our beautiful programs, receive tickets to our shows and can (at the highest level) request a personalized concert by the Chamber Choir or a shared dinner with the choir directors.

Community Support

While some schools send “club” choirs comprised only of those singers who can afford to travel, we at Gunn High School believe that this experience should be available to every singer regardless of their means. This scholarship fund supports those singers.  Over the past twenty years, the Gunn Choir has traveled to Europe, Canada, Mexico, New York City and Disneyland, providing hundreds of families with financial support so their children can participate. Students say this experience is life changing – possibly the most incredible experience of their high school years.

Please consider giving to our fundraising campaign at whatever level you can afford. Details of the tour sponsorship can be found here: Tour Sponsorship

Concert Choir – Hlohonolofatsa, arr. by Daniel Jackson

Concert Choir – Pilgrim’s Hymn, by Stephen Paulus

Treble Choir – I Went to the Market, arr. by D. Patriquin

Treble Choir – Jubilate, Rebecca te Velde

Chamber Singers – Way Over in Beulalan, arr. by Stacey V. Gibbs

Chamber Singers – Sednalo e djore dos, Sara Shakliyan